A quick upload to share some basic photos taken during the 2017 Eclipse. Totality was only 72% from where I was observing… But I had plenty of company, with many coworkers and random people passing by wanting to take a look!

For the past year I’ve been trying to focus on experiencing the views nature can provide personally, rather than through my camera’s sensor. Up until last year, I had always focused on trying to take beautiful photos; however, that came at a cost of not really taking time to just stare up and enjoy myself. The joy of not having to haul loads of gear, fiddling with alignment, and dealing with uncooperative weather made things a bit more fun. Now I haven’t actually posted anything on here in quite some time, but I did take a few shots over the past year to fill in some blanks. Enjoy!


Newest addition to the family! Portable and practical for quick observing sessions!

It’s a Meade ETX 80 f/5 Achromatic Refractor with a GoTo AltAz fork mount. Figured the 6″ reflector was a bit too big and heavy for quick outings or camping, so this little guy will pitch-hit when I’m too lazy to carry the larger telescope.

Can’t wait to take this little guy out and see what it can do.

Martian Sunset

There’s something truly captivating about this Martian Sunset. It’s incredible what that magical rover has managed to capture while roaming our little, round, rusty-looking neighbour. Wow!

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