Who is this hopeless stargazer?

This blog is the ongoing chronicle of my adventures in amateur astronomy and astrophotography. As a part time stargazer and full time nerd, I find myself wanting to know more about what lies beyond our own planet; seeking to peer into the deepest, darkest, and oldest parts of the know Universe.

What spearheaded my interest in practical astronomy would be the recent “Transit of Venus” , an event which will not be seen again until the the end of 2117. I managed to view the event armed with nothing more than an improvised viewing apparatus that even Macgyver would be proud of (iPhone+Binoculars+Broken pair of polarized sun glasses glued at a 90° angle). After having successfully observed the event without causing permanent blindness, I’ve become more and more interested in the subject, and a few months later purchased my first telescope.

It is my hope that I can share my discoveries with you, and hopefully inspire people to join in the fun and try out this great hobby for themselves.

I’m looking forward to sharing my views of the universe with you.


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